Angama Mara

What defines Angama Mara from other safari lodges is its location on a site almost without equal. Every tented suite will share a 180° view of the Mara below, possibly the best-known game reserve in the world, and one which consistently delivers extraordinary viewing of all Africa’s great mammals, and The Great Migration from July to October each year. Angama Mara guests descend a private track directly from the lodge to the most beautiful, least visited and best-managed part of the reserve – The Mara Triangle. The Out of Africa back-story adds romance and nostalgia to the guest experience.

Renowned in the industry for their involvement in some of the world’s finest safari lodges, Steve and Nicky Fitzgerald have kept their best for last. After building and operating over 50 luxury lodges across Africa, and delighting top-end travelers for over 30 years, the beauty of this site has drawn them out of retirement. The making of Angama is in the hands of a remarkable team of African experts. Architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens – of Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, North Island and Mombo fame – have designed Angama Mara to be a lodge quite unlike any other. Each tented suite literally hangs onto the edge of the escarpment, with views that go on and on. Annemarie Meintjes, peerless African stylista, has crafted the lodge’s interiors with a totally fresh, disarming, uncluttered and humorous approach.

Will open June 2015.

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