Anna LeidenkrantzFounding Partner/">

Anna LeidenkrantzFounding Partner/

Anna is Stars of Africa’s CEO, and Founding Partner together with husband Tony Leidenkrantz. Anna’s passion is dedicated to creating extraordinary journey’s in Africa for Stars of Africa’s international clientele. Guests can rely on her innate understanding of responsible tourism as a means to impact positively on wildlife conservation and local communities.


Based in Sweden, with partners in Kenya and South Africa, Anna and her team at Stars of Africa curate, design and deliver highly refined travel experiences. Anna’s great network capabilities have built a high-profile network of trusted partners that forms an effective eco-system enabling her to fulfill Stars of Africa’s clients every expectation. Creating rarity, uniqueness and, therefor value to each client. By using her resourcefulness, experience, network and contacts in Africa she and the team creates arrangements that touch the heart and soul of Stars of Africa’s clients.


Anna specialize in adding value to each traveler, exceeding their expectations by introducing custom made solutions and experiences. Each touch point is carefully curated in detail, creating seamless and bespoken experiences combining luxury with adventure. The in-depth knowledge is a result of Anna’s and Tony’s extensive travels in Southern and Eastern Africa for the past 20 years. They have personal and close relationships with all the Stars of Africa providers in Africa.


She is a passionate photographer and an appreciated, skilled speaker. Her favorite adventure is a horseback safari.