One of the inner islands of the Seychelles, North Island is a private exclusive island that aims to provide the very best in experiences. Greater in area than Monte Carlo, North Island features 10 exceptional villas and one Villa North Island, hewn into the dramatic granite rocks.


For those seeking the ultimate tropical retreat, North Islands 11 opulent handcrafted villas lap the pristine, powder-white sands of the turquoise Indian Ocean. The ten private and secluded villas offer beach views from the luxuriously proportioned master bedroom, and a second room that can be either a study, lounge or converted into a second bedroom for children under 19 years of age, complete with, sun-deck, lounge, plunge pool, full butler service and private kitchen with a chef. The huge en suite bathroom has a sunken marble bath and an outside shower for alfresco bathing. Air-conditioning is fitted but for most guests the refreshing ocean breeze is more appealing. Villas 1 to 10 are 450m² discreetly situated facing the East Beach to catch the sunrise.


Villa number 11, Villa North Island, is the ultimate in private luxury and is 450m². It enjoys a secluded location on the northern side of the East Beach making the most of the glorious sunrises. From the magnificent entrance bridge, framed by palms, is the bedroom suite. The bathrooms offer panoramic views across to Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.


The villas have been constructed by local craftsmen, using a combination of wood, local stone, glass and thatch They and are all raised off the ground to catch the cooling island breezes.


The island’s lounge and dining areas, health spa and gym, library, dive centre, and a rim-flow swimming pool are all built into a granitic outcrop. A sunset bar and restaurant are tucked away on the western side of the island.



The cuisine is as much a fusion as the culture; Seychellois charm blends the best of Africa, Asian and European influences. Dining is a bespoke experience as North Island’s chef caters to guests’ tastes. There are no set menus; the chef personally tailors individual dinner preferences with a choice of where to dine and talk with guests about the local produce growing on the island as well as the abundant fresh fish and seafood available to design perfect meals. With a vast wine cellar, it is easy to find an ideal accompaniment to any cuisine requested. Dine under the Stars of Seychelles in anticipation of the day to come.


North Island has been designed to be sensitive to its surrounding environment and conservation is integral to the island’s success. This is a sanctuary where natural habitats are being rehabilitated and where critically endangered Seychelles fauna and flora are being reintroduced. Conservation is at the heart of many of the island’s activities, with exceptional dive sites and fantastic snorkeling a specialty. Conservation without compromise is a dominant theme.


The activities being offered at North Island are designed to enjoy the Island and its magic. Mountain bikes are suitable for exploring the island from one side to the other with ease. Those wishing to explore the island from the water are able to do so using sea kayaks.



A wide range of personal holistic treatments designed to nurture, relax and rejuvenate mind, body and soul are offered in the most beautiful surroundings at the North Island Spa.


The Seychelles forms part of the world’s longest coral reef system and has some of the world’s best scuba diving and snorkeling. Numerous dive sites have been identified around North Island and its nearest neighbor Silhouette Island. The Dive and Activity Centre at North Island offers both the novice and the experienced diver alike a guided scuba experience with dive masters who are experts in scuba practices as the underwater universe. The warm tropical turquoise Indian Ocean has superb visibility of up to 30-40 meters. The nearby well-preserved coral reefs are home to an abundance of aquatic life.


North Island’s waters are filled with significant variety of sea life. Hard and soft corals brighten the depths and are home to a colorful array of fish; whale sharks and giant sleepy sharks often move through. On the Island, giant tortoises and a variety of endemic birds are found, while fluorescent day geckos skitter around. Large Seychelles fruit bats, called flying foxes, are often seen. Emerging from the ocean to nest on the beaches are endangered Green and Hawksbill sea turtles. North Island represents a photographers dream both above and below water.