This pristine private paradise island is a place of sensuous serenity and tranquility. The island boasts seven spectacular beaches for guests to explore, one frequently voted the most beautiful in the world, Anse Victorin Beach. Fregate Island Private is as ecological and nurturing of wildlife as it is luxuriously exotic. Known for its ecological preservation as its exotic luxurious accommodation.


It is Fregate’s environment that makes it truly special. The majority of the island has been left undeveloped, including the tide-swept beaches and a vine-draped banyan tree forest. More than 2,000 giant tortoises populate the island, rainbow-bright sunbirds dart from hibiscus flowers, while Seychelles warblers, magpie robins and the beautiful Fairy tern fly among the banyan trees.


There are only 17 luxury residences on Fregate Island Private; 16 elegantly designed villas, perched on a cliff top overlooking the sapphire blue Indian Ocean features canopied four-poster beds with beautiful white linen fabrics to complement the natural African hardwood interiors. A luxurious terrace, large private infinity pool and Jacuzzi, daybed and dining pavilion and a private butler provides the ultimate in comfort and privacy.


The Banyan Hill Estate consists of three separate villas for a total of six guests combining a high level of luxury with a unique feel of privacy and natural beauty. The Banyan Hill Estate comes with its own private chef.


For a truly magical stay, Fregate Island can offer the unforgettable opportunity to book the entire island to share the beauty and delights with those closest. The team of live-in staff is there to ensure that every conceivable desire is fulfilled to the utmost perfection.



Fregate Island offers innovative cuisine inspired by exotic vegetables, herbs and fruits grown organically on the island for the best in quality and taste, reaching guests plate fresh and tasty. A large variety of fresh fish lands daily in Fregate’s harbor from the ocean. Fregate’s chefs offer Créole and international cuisine at its best. Guests can chose to enjoy their dinner wherever they prefer. The island’s individual spots all add their own touch to the dining occasion, being it in restaurants and bars, in the Tree house high up in one of the island’s oldest and largest banyan trees, right on the beach, in the the comfort and privacy of the private villa, in the Yacht Club or for a Sunset Cruise on the Indian Ocean.


Fregate Island is a sanctuary to hundred thousands of tropical birds, of more than 100 species and is today home to a unique assortment of exotic and precious flora and fauna. The ongoing preservation and protection of this delicate ecosystem is the reason why the island today remains home to such an amazing biodiversity.


Ancient Giant Aldabra Tortoises are both symbols and witnesses of Fregate’s unparalleled conservation efforts. They have watched as their island home has been progressively restored to its natural state, allowing them to flourish and grow to their present numbers of 2 200. The sandy beaches of Fregate Island provide vital nesting habitat for two species of sea turtle: the critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle and the endangered Green Turtle. Every nesting season from October to January, the conservation staff safeguard and monitor the several hundred nests. Making sure that the young turtles hatch successfully and safely.


Through ambitious conservation programs the Seychelles Magpie Robin and others, such as the endemic Seychelles White Eye and Seychelles Warbler, have been brought back from the brink of extinction. Fregate Island was the only remaining habitat of the Seychelles Magpie Robin. Almost extinct with a headcount of only 14, it was the second rarest bird in the world some 30 years ago. These charming, charismatic birds have since been restored to a healthy population, thanks to a program started in collaboration with Birdlife International, they now number more than 100.


200 years of intensive agricultural practices during the plantation era, that almost totally cleared the native woodland, a natural balance is returning to Fregate Island. After rehabilitation of indigenous forest with ten thousands of trees planted, Fregate’s conservation efforts have slowly but surely restored the native flora of the island. Many indigenous species have been planted across the island, including the mighty Takamaka tree – a national icon – and the rare and beautifully scented Wrights Gardenia, as well as the Indian Mulberry, which the Giant Tortoise love to feed on.


For the active guests Fregate Island has its own private inland harbor and Yacht Club with a PADI Dive Centre. The Indian Ocean is a treasure trove for sports and activities. There is a range of sailing, surfing and kayaking equipment on offer at the Yacht Club. For fitness, an air-conditioned gym is available and for those seeking relaxation each of the seven beaches – one of which offers absolute privacy – has its own unique character and atmosphere.



Surrounded by dramatic granite rock formations, the Rock Spa on Fregate Island offers a range of facilities and treatment rooms.  A warm welcome awaits guests in this haven of relaxation for mind, body and soul. Drawing on age-old know-how and the healing properties of local plants, the spa’s experts offer treatments, massages and yoga instruction in a truly peaceful environment. The line of Rock Spa products are made in the Seychelles with ingredients grown on Fregate Island Private, the products offer the ultimate in relaxation, revitalization, detoxification and inner strength.



There is an amazing wealth of marine wildlife around Fregate Island, exotic fish, coral reefs and crustaceans make any excursion into the deep a voyage of discovery. Whales, dolphins and giant mantas make occasional visits to Fregate Island’s deeper waters. The warm tropical turquoise Indian Ocean has superb visibility of up to 30-40 meters. In the shallows by the beaches, large swarms of fish are easily visible, bringing color and wonder. Fregate’s resident ecologists are always willing and available to accompany dives and snorkel trips and share their unique understanding of the marine environment. The marine environment around Fregate Island is truly diverse and unspoiled, teeming with color and dramatic topography.


Scuba dives are on offer by day or night, the diving staff have identified numerous dive sites around Fregate Island. The Dive and Activity Centre at Fregate Island offers both the novice and the experienced diver alike a guided scuba experience with dive masters who are experts in scuba practices as the underwater universe. PADI certified diving courses for all levels are also on offer.


Hundreds of thousands of birds find sanctuary on Fregate Island, all together over 100 species, with thirteen species taking up permanent residence here. Every day at dusk, it is a thrill to experience the sight of large flocks of beautiful Fairy Terns and Noddies gliding across the island as they return from their fishing expeditions. With plenty of opportunities to spot rare and exotic migrants, like the Fregate Bird, the exquisite birdlife will amaze nature lovers. Fregate Island is home to 2 200 free-roaming Giant Aldabra Tortoises and during their nesting season, from October to January, the sea turtles, the critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle and the endangered Green Turtle, come and lay their eggs on the beaches of Fregate.


Fregate Island offers a wonderful array of photo opportunities. For the underwater photographer Fregate Island’s waters and nearby well-preserved coral reefs are home to an abundance of aquatic life. The Seychelles remains one of the few places on Earth where sea turtles come ashore to nest during the daytime. The sea turtles along with the resident Aldabra Tortoises on Fregate provide wonderful and unique photographic opportunities. And for the keen bird photographer Fregate is a haven, with no predators on the island, the birds have no fear of humans. White sand beaches lined with palm trees, crystalline blue waters and sensual rock formations provide stunning opportunities for the land and seascape photographers. Fregate Island represents a photographers dream with endless motives both above and below water.