This small, personal tented camp is set on a wonderful rocky promontory offering spectacular panoramic views over pristine landscape. Located in the Mara Naboisho Conservancy of 200 square kilometers, 50 000 acres, of vast wilderness, where only the vehicles belonging to the seven properties in the conservancy are allowed to drive. This beautiful camp is named after the Ol Seki tree, the sandpaper tree, which. in the local Maasai language, means “blessed”. It is a peace tree whose branches are used to settle disputes.


This lodge is open year round.


Ol Seki boasts six stylish and uniquely designed round tents that take full advantage of the stunning panoramic surrounding from their elevated setting on wooden platforms. The tents, beautifully nestled amongst Cordia and Acacia trees, were designed by Jan Allan, who has specialized in environmentally friendly building in Kenya for many years. Adding his signature touch to the uniquely spacious and contemporary design of the camp, each tent has a high dome in the center, above a double bed, beautifully decked out in fine linens. Six opening panels encompass the bed on three sides, enabling you to watch the dawn break in its entire glorious panorama. The rear section of the tent houses an en-suite bathroom and dressing area. Each tent has a large wooden deck for private dining, sunbathing and stargazing. In addition to these six luxury tents, Ol Seki has two exclusive suites – perfect for families or friends travelling together. Each suite comprises two en-suite bedrooms inter-joined by a living and dining area with an expansive outside deck boasting stunning views. Guests in the suites benefit from their own private staff that are there to cater to their every need. 



Head chef Evans prepares absolutely, delicious, fresh food to be served in the dining tent with panoramic view, or a private al fresco meal on the deck of your tent. The kitchen is mobile, so on occasion you may find the restaurant floor to be the grassy plains of the conservancy and the ceiling the stars of Kenya, while the fire roars and the crickets chirp – an unforgettable dining experience.


Naboisho, meaning “coming together” in the Maasai language, explains how this conservation area was created. It’s a community-driven alliance that protects the flora and fauna of this precious region and supports the landowners and farmers through tourism. Ol Seki’s guides are all sourced from the neighboring Koiyaki Guiding School which the camp supports – one of the principle aims of the school is to train local Maasai in the art of guiding to international standards. The Guiding School work towards enhancing conservation of the Maasai Mara wildlife, by transforming this region into an economically viable conservation area. By equipping local people with the professional skills needed to participate in the promotion of conservation and wildlife management, human-wildlife conflicts will diminish.


The focus at Ol Seki is on game drives. The schedule is customized to suit the preferences of each guest. Game walks are on offer, as well as are visits to the local Maasai village.


The Naboisho Conservancy is home to large numbers of resident wildlife. Elephants gently wander through the acacia scrub, hippos submerge in the small pools, elusive leopards can be spotted in the high branches – the determined guides of Ol Seki will train your eyes and awaken your slumbering senses in order to pick up signs of nature. You have a good chance of seeing, in addition to elephants and hippos, jackals, baboons, honey badgers, hyena, zebra, giraffe, buffalo, wildebeest, impala, eland, topi, lions, leopards and cheetah as well. The endangered black rhino can be found in the dense bush, and, on occasion, the rare African wild dog can also be seen.


The Naboisho Conservancy enjoys a pristine and stunningly beautiful landscape. The photographic opportunities are exceptional, with rolling hills and open plains, the iconic sparse Acacia trees among which animals graze in the shades. Beyond the immediate vista, the Ngama hills hem the horizon to the east and beyond lie the plains of the Maasai Mara. Naboisho is a healthy region of biodiversity – shining grasses which nourish the migrating herds between the rains; forested banks of seasonal rivers; rocky outcrops among which the hyraxes hide. Not to mention, the sunrises and sunsets that the Greater Mara is famous for – providing exceptional opportunities for silhouette photography.


Being in a private concession will allow the photographer to be alone at sightings, providing photographic opportunities in privacy. It also means no gate times to adhere to and the possibility of going off-road if the photo opportunity requires it. This issomething that cannot be done in the public areas of Maasai Mara. Ol Seki ensures photographers a truly exclusive and private safari offering a plethora of photographic opportunities.

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