Full of passion and integrity, the Cottars family maintain a place of true authenticity and an unbroken connection with the golden era of safari and adventure. Cottar’s is a family operation dating back to 1920’s and its style is a homage to the romantic grandeur of old safari traditions.


Calvin and Louise Cottar established Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp in 1990s as a luxury outpost. The camp is situated in a unspoiled setting with sunset views stretching to distant horizons of the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti plains. Set on its own 6 000 acre private conservancy, the camp is just one kilometer from the Maasai Mara game reserve. This area has been untouched by any kind of tourism or development and offers discerning guests a guarantee of privacy; no hot air balloons flying overhead, no minibuses buzzing around, no nearby camps or low flying aircraft to disturb the experience. This private camp is situated on an extensive and exclusive concession between the Maasai Mara, Serengeti and Loliondo reserves, where a few Purko Maasai clan roam. Camp guests can experience a traditional wildebeest migration experience in far more privacy, away from the mass tourism experience of the crossings.


Good standards of guiding, a remote location, beautifully outfitted tents, opulent furnishings and air of casual elegance, the 1920s has been designed to recall the past and offer guests a real sense of what it must have been like on a safari 100 years ago. History comes alive when the camp is lit with lanterns and candles.


This camp is open year round.


Authentic and spacious white canvas tents are luxuriously outfitted with modern conveniences, as well as original safari antiques from the 1920s. The camp accommodates up to 22 guests in ten tents; one unique honeymoon tent, five double tents and four family suites, all with en-suite bathrooms, private en-suite dressing rooms and verandas. The family tents have living rooms with fireplaces. The entire camp is designed to ensure that tents are private and quiet for all guests, whether for honeymooners or families with children. Cottar’s Camp provides each luxury tent with a butler for discreet, yet attentive service. A Maasai warrior guards the tents throughout the night.


The only real private luxury home in the Maasai Mara is the new luxuriously appointed Cottars Private House on the Mara homestead. This house is perfect for those who want absolute privacy combined with a dedicated discreet staff and award-winning guides. The contemporary African style house comes with a staff of eight. The house has a large living room, a dining room, a magnificent viewing deck, and five en-suite bedrooms all with stunning views. Game vehicles and a dedicated guide are provided to guests throughout their stay.



There is a large tented dining area decorated with antiques. Before dinner guests enjoy drinks around a campfire under the Stars of Kenya. The evening dining experience involves a delicious candlelit three-course meal.


Cottar’s 1920’s camp depends very much on the wilderness, Maasai people and wildlife around its location. To assist in all these specific areas, the Cottar family initiated the ‘Cottar Wildlife Conservation Trust, CWCT. The CWCT goal is to help conserve wildlife, wilderness and support human development. Cottar’s 1920s Camp is the first property in Kenya to qualify for the Zeitz Foundation Global Ecosphere Retreats Certification Status. An important part of Cottar’s 1920s Camp philosophy is to help align the 4C’s: Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce.


Activities on offered besides game drives, are cultural visits, river swimming and fishing. The day and night drives can be done in either state-of-the-art four -wheel drive vehicles or in an authentic old wooden safari car. In addition to offering an unparalleled safari experience, the camp is located in a key wildebeest migratory corridor. Offering relaxation after morning game drives, a beautiful pool and spa area awaits guests.


Being situated in a private conservancy, game vehicles are allowed off-road, which means more freedom to follow animals for photography. The great wildebeest migration is undoubtedly the highlight of the Maasai Mara experience, to be able to watch this massive movement of animals from such a vantage point makes guests feel one with the rhythm and sheer force of nature. Seen in impressive numbers during the Great Migration are zebra and wildebeest, which traverse the plains in the thousands looking for fresh grazing lands. Lion, leopard and cheetah inhabit the reserve.


The Cottar family is synonymous with tradition and operated the very first photographic safari in East Africa 1919. The breathtaking, untouched landscape offers views stretching to distant horizons of the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti plains, providing unique opportunities for prolific landscape photography. Being close to the border with the Serengeti and one kilometer from the Maasai Mara game reserve, the spectacular wildebeest migration moves through this area every year. Being in a private conservancy, the camp offers unique photographic opportunities in privacy.

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