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Promising pure luxury, nothing is comparable to a private island hideaway in the Indian Ocean. Famed for their timeless beauty, pristine white coral beaches, lush tropical vegetation, blue skies and marine reserves in crystal-clear waters; the Indian Ocean private islands in Stars of Africa’s Collection offer unpretentious paradise for short-term getaways to the most beautiful, secluded havens on the planet. These enchanting islands awaken the senses and encapsulate the very essence of a beach holiday in privacy; appealing to the most discerning guests from around the globe.


Celebrated as some of the world’s most romantic destinations, these private islands guarantee perfect seclusion and exclusivity in captivating surroundings, and, should you so request, each island can be booked for the restricted use of you, your family and friends. Renting one of these islands grants you sole access to 10 bandas on Mnemba Island, Zanzibar, 11 villas on North Island or 17 villas on Fregate Island Private, the Seychelles.


The difference in staying on a private island is that it offers total discretion and exclusiveness. As a guest, you are guaranteed a place of exquisite tranquility and refuge should you wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world. At the same time, the sense of space, the clean air and water, and the all-encompassing natural beauty can easily prove to be a stimulant, inciting you to exercise the body and mind, to try something new, feel more alive, or even experience a more holistic sense of wellbeing. The Indian Ocean is also a treasure trove for sports and other activities should you desire. Each island has a fully equipped Dive Centre, offering a full range of diving activities, snorkeling, sea kayaking, deep sea fishing, surfing and more. Diving off these islands has something to offer all categories of divers, from the novice to the most experienced, as well as an exotic world for the simply curious snorkeler. Protected marine parks and marine conservation areas with some of the best diving in Africa, present a profusion of aquatic life that is absolutely fascinating to see; divers can delight in an unforgettable personalized diving experience in one of the world’s most exquisite coral reefs.


The private island experience is all about you, and what you would like to do. The islands offer high-end extravagance in a uniquely secluded environment – a true definition of barefoot luxury. The chefs responsible for the innovative cuisine will discuss your menus, and effortlessly cater to your special requirements, ensuring a completely personalized dining experience, in accord with your particular preference for place and time.


The spas on the islands are havens of peace and tranquility, offering the promise of pure relaxation; allowing the mind, body and soul to attain the perfect state of harmony and balance.


The islands are all sanctuaries dedicated to conservation while offering environmentally sustainable hospitality. The beauty of these islands will touch and inspire you at the deepest level. They are as ecological and nurturing of nature as they are luxuriously exotic – widely recognized for their environmental commitment to protect biodiversity on land and at sea.


Stars of Africa’s hand-picked selection of Private Islands in the Indian Ocean promises destinations of uncompromising serenity, luxury and comfort – offering indulgent, discrete, personalized experience in splendid privacy.


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