Corporate Services


Stars of Africa offers original and dynamic concepts for the corporate market – always assuring clients a unique and inspirational experience and a highly innovative, top quality and personalized service.


Our itineraries for executive arrangements are customized and tailored to suit the particular needs of the individual corporate client, perfectly. Together with our trusted partners in South Africa and Southern Africa, we pride ourselves on being experts at designing and managing events for a global corporate clientele.


Services include organizing board and top executive meetings, bespoken small conferences and challenging team-building events. Through our network, we arrange for highly professional speakers from the world’s leading business schools, or who rank among the very best in their chosen field – talented explorers, photographers, scientists, filmmakers – to share their adventures and be a source of inspiration.


Southern Africa provides ample accommodation for executive conferences in cosmopolitan cities, the Winelands of South Africa or the breathtaking pristine wilderness – a range of luxurious retreats in which to relax in elegant style while focusing on corporate matters.


A combination of majestic natural scenery and modern facilities makes Southern Africa the ideal destination in which to inspire innovative thinking and a renewed sense of team building.


With discreet, personal service and impeccable standards, our clients are assured a truly unforgettable experience.


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The natural world as we know it is in crisis, and Africa’s mega fauna is not exempt. For our corporate clients, we identify high impact projects that protect Africa’s majestic creatures – projects that deliver a meaningful outcome to all stakeholders.


As an upshot of our personal engagement, we have acquired extensive experience and insight into the immeasurable value conservation projects contribute towards saving the last remaining mega fauna in Southern Africa, and their benefit to mankind in the long run.


A brand strategy audit will allow us to align your values with relevant conservation projects that are in harmony with your brand and your CSR ambitions. Such projects will provide an efficient communication tool that supports your brand in building closer relationships with your staff, your customers and your community.


By engaging in an African conservation project, you can let your company act as a beacon of inspiration – working towards a more sustainable tomorrow.


We look forward to being of service in matching your corporation with a suitable conservation project.



Stars of Africa is dedicated to creating fascinating experiences for incentive travel and corporate events. We take pride in arranging original, dynamic concepts and in managing unique travel experiences for incentive groups to all prime destinations in Southern and Eastern Africa.


Our itineraries are customized and tailored to inspire: we offer a choice selection of Africa’s finest, most stunning hideaways, high-end services and unique adventures that leave a lasting impression.


Our offering of exclusive incentive travel-related services includes: wine tour through the Cape Winelands in South Africa, canoeing down the Zambezi river in Zambia, climbing the world’s ancient sand dunes in Namibia, viewing pristine wilderness and exotic wildlife on safari while staying at a luxury secluded tented camp in Botswana, and world-class diving off the Zanzibar or Seychelles coast.


Each incentive programe is designed to meet our clients distinctive standards, catered for with attention to detail and unsurpassed service.


We look forward to being of assistance and to fulfilling any expectations and requirements you may have for your African incentive.




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Speeches & Presentations

We are passionate about sharing our story of Sub-Saharan Africa of today, of new experiences, new knowledge, new insights and a sense of new identity – while never losing site of the more traditional aspects of Africa.


Stars of Africa offers inspiring, informative speeches and presentations about our travels to Africa – narratives supported by our own photographic archives and based on our numerous and extensive journeys throughout this fascinating continent. Not only do our presentations reflect the vast, varied nature of Africa, its iconic wildlife and vibrant cultures, but they also introduce our audience to modern day Africa – with its world-renowned wines and contemporary, dynamic and innovative art scene.




Jannike Järv – Handelsbanken

Corporate Testimonial
“Anna Leidenkrantz of Stars of Africa has been engaged as a dinner guest speaker at numerous events held for our clients over the past few years. With the aid of her comprehensive archives of professional photographs, Anna has taken clients on inspirational journeys to Southern and Eastern Africa; across the Kenyan savannah; through the Okavango Delta in Botswana; down the Zambezi River in Zambia, to the world’s oldest sand dunes in Namibia; around the vineyards and art galleries of South Africa, and onwards, all the way to the Indian Ocean and the Island of Zanzibar.”


“Anna is highly professional and it has been a delight working with her: our clients have had nothing but admiration and appreciation of her expertise and sincere passion for Africa.”




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