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KINDLY NOTE: Sadly Tintswalo Atlantic was one of the victims of the Cape Town fires of March 2015. But the owners of the lodge has teamed up and have already started the rebuild, or as they call it; ”Tintswalo Atlantic Rebirth: The Rise of the Phoenix”. Stars of Africa looks forward to present New Tintswalo Atlantic opening 30 October 2015.

This magnificent Lodge is approximately 25-minute drive from Cape Town, in one of the most breathtaking locations in southern Africa. Located in the Table Mountain National Park – one of South Africa’s eight World Heritage Sites. Nestled between the boulders along the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and the slopes of the Cape Mountain Fynbos Reserve, a region famous throughout the world for its extraordinary rich and diverse fauna and flora, the Lodge is perched right on the rocks overlooking the ocean and Hout Bay Sentinel at the base of the famous Chapman’s Peak Drive.


With ten luxury suites and one regal presidential suite, Tintswalo Atlantic provides an environment that allows time for stillness and reflection, in total privacy. Its close proximity to the sea is a unique feature that is most inviting. Each suite is themed to reflect a significant island in the world. From spacious, well-appointed en-suite bathrooms guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic. Accommodation is on a bed-and-breakfast basis; lunch and dinner should be booked in advance, as these are prepared in accordance with the personal culinary preferences of each guest.


Explore the Cape surrounds or the Constantia Winelands, the surrounding mountain reserve has a diverse range of paths and walkways to explore. Drive out to Cape Point, or to the nearby False Bay for some whale spotting in season. Also available from Hout Bay are fishing trips and water sports activities.


Southern Right whales, the most frequently sighted whales within False Bay, use the extreme coastal waters of the south-western Cape coast as their calving and nursery grounds, and may be spotted just meters away from the shore providing excellent photography oportunities. These whales start arriving in the bay at the end of May and remain in the region until the end of November, with the peak month being October. Other whales that can be spotted within False Bay – although less frequently than southern Right whales – include Bryde’s whales, humpback whales and killer whales. Dolphin species in the region include bottlenose dolphins on the east side and dusky dolphins on the west side. Duikerklip, just outside Hout Bay, is also home to a seal colony, and boat trips can be arranged from the harbor to get a closer look at these seals. Chapmans Peak Drive is one of the best spots in Cape Town to photograph sunsets. There are spectacular views over Houtbay and Sentinel peak.

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