Sarah Githens & Robert L.Keyser III.
Denver – USA


Dear Anna,
Wow, what an amazing trip Sarah and I had to Zambia, Botswana and South Africa because of you and Stars of Africa. We have quickly learned that you and your Stars of Africa are the go-to organization for anyone thinking of visiting Southern or Eastern Africa.


During our adventure, your most valued knowledge of Africa and unmatched organization skills all shined brightly. We felt like you were watching over our shoulders from the moment we landed in Johannesburg, as we were met by name. All the camp managers knew of our serious interest in wildlife photography.
And, somehow Sausage Tree Camp in Zambia knew I would be celebrating a birthday while there. Thank you Anna!


The fact that you had personally experienced all the Safari camps and Hotels you recommended to us, made us feel great trust in your suggestions. As you designed our trip using our thoughts and your knowledge of Southern Africa, you knew that we are avid wildlife photographers. Upon our arrival at every camp’s airstrip, we were met by guides who knew ahead that we were hopeful of seeing and getting some unforgettable images of birds and animals local to their camps.


We had the good fortune of discovering that you and Tony are also terrifically skilled photographers, so our levels of trust in you, as the organizer of our adventure, went sky high. Now, Sarah and I love to occasionally visit your Stars of Africa website just to admire your photography! Photography aside, Stars is a great educational website.


Your organizational skills gave us great confidence while traveling on the itinerary you prepared for our adventure. Traveling within Africa is not as easy as in developed countries, but what you know and can make happen is like magic to even well-seasoned international travelers like us.


Traveling to Africa is one of the most eye-opening experiences we have ever had and a great deal of it is do to you and Stars of Africa. We made a trip to Africa prior discovering Stars of Africa, and that trip rated a 4 verses the 10 we would offer you.


Hopefully you will be able to help us as we think about a trip to see the Great Migration in Tanzania and Kenya. We will be in touch shortly.


Finally, we are so grateful for everything you and Stars of Africa did to make our trip an amazing and unforgettable one.


Best Regards,
Sarah Githens & Bob Keyser
Denver, CO – U.S.A.